Mike Shanahan has lost a step

It's hard to tell if the Washington Redskins are any better off right now as an organization than when the Jim Zorn era ended. I realize that Mike Shanahan has more skins (and rings) on the wall than the "Z Man," but things feel just as dysfunctional as ever.

My colleague Jeff Chadiha weighs in today regarding the way Shanahan has handled the Donovan McNabb situation. He's shocked that a man known for being a quarterback whisperer could've botched things in such epic fashion:

"As one league executive told me earlier this season, Shanahan's biggest mistake was not accepting McNabb for what he is," writes Chadiha. "Andy Reid molded his offense in Philadelphia around the fact that McNabb is more skilled as a deep passer and improviser. McNabb was never the quintessential, super-accurate quarterback who thrives in the West Coast system, and that appears to be what Shanahan covets.

"Mike should've just let Donovan be who he is," the executive said. "That's what worked in Philadelphia."

After watching the way Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have worked with Michael Vick following their successful run with McNabb, maybe we've given Shanahan too much credit for his work with quarterbacks over the years. It's not like John Elway had been a bust before Shanahan took over in Denver.

It appears that McNabb resisted the idea of changing some of the things that had made him a successful quarterback. And that seems like a reasonable response to 30-year-old Kyle Shanahan asking you to change your mechanics.

I understand that McNabb has played poorly this season by his standards, but I'd still place more of the blame on Father & Son Shanahan.