Tuck miffed about Strahan's comment

Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, now with FOX, said Giants players should be "ashamed of themselves" following their fourth-quarter collapse against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Strahan's good pal and former teammate, Justin Tuck, took exception to Strahan's comment Thursday while talking to reporters. Tuck first established that Strahan will always by "my guy." Then he pretty much went off on him:

"I just don’t understand how he can be on our -- and I’m not saying he’s not on our side -- but talking us up one day and then the next day say that,” Tuck said. "If I’m in that situation I might just close my mouth and not say nothing. But he’s entitled to his opinion and I’m entitled to not really care.

"I’m not ashamed and I don’t think anybody in this locker room should be ashamed. We played a great 52 minutes and it just wasn’t for us. Sometimes things happen and you have no explanation about it. And I don’t have any explanation. I’m not making any excuses. We played like crap those last 8 minutes, but I would never start saying things like that ain’t never happened to anybody else. I’m sure we lost a lot of games when Strahan was here, too."

Strahan made his comments while appearing on "The Dan Patrick Show." Tuck said he didn't plan to reach out to his former teammate anytime soon. We'll let you know if there are any developments.