What's in Mosley's New Year's mailbag?

I know most of you are enjoying bowl games and family today, but let's take a quick peek at the pressing issues in the NFC East. And thanks for your patience last Saturday as the Mailbag observed Christmas:

Bobby from Dallas, what's on your mind? I am a faithful reader of yours and love your ability to see through smoke and mirrors of Jerry World. Given Jerry's history with the draft and his stated dislike for paying top-ten salaries, do you think he will trade down and pick up an extra first-round pick. If he did, I think this would be one of the smartest moves he has made in a while. We need some serious help in the secondary and on the O-line.

Mosley: Bobby, thanks for your commitment to the Beast blog. If the season ended today, the Cowboys would have the sixth pick in the draft. I think you're correct in saying that Jerry Jones wouldn't want to pay that type of money, but trading down isn't always an option. You have to be sitting on a player (quarterback) whom a team, say the Redskins, desperately wants. If the Cowboys can trade out of the top 10, then I think an offensive lineman would certainly be in the mix. But it's not like this organization needs to get enamored with one position in the draft. The Cowboys need help at safety, cornerback, defensive end, offensive line and special teams. This will be a draft where Jones is trying to accumulate additional picks, as he always does. But the trick is finding a team that is willing to move into the top 10. With a possible lockout on the horizon, teams will likely be more cautious than ever about the future. And that's why I think the Cowboys may have to remain at No. 6.

Constantine from London wants to talk Big Blue: Hi Matt. Religious reader of the blog, but from your view what has been wrong with my G-Men this year? We have a good team, upgraded well in the offseason, but for some reason we've just collapsed. From a neutral perspective, what have you seen? And as for the draft what players/positions should we start with first?

Mosley: Constantine, a lot of folks say that reading this blog is nearly a religious experience, so you're definitely onto something. I think the Giants were still in good shape until there were eight minutes left in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks ago. I thought this team had the leadership and character to bounce back against the Packers in Green Bay, but things didn't work out. When a team collapses at the end of the season, it's always easy to point to the head coach. But this feels a lot different than the '09 collapse. I still think the Giants have the makings of a formidable team. Regarding the draft, it's important for general manager Jerry Reese to keep identifying linebackers. Clint Sintim should be a starter by now, but he couldn't seize the opportunity. Keith Bulluck's a stop-gap player, so it's time to add more talent. I also think the Giants have to keep looking at cornerbacks in the draft. They've done a nice job of creating depth at the safety position, but I think they need to do the same thing at corner. It's not like this roster lacks for talent, but you can't be complacent. If rookie Jason Pierre-Paul can continue to improve, he'll be able to challenge Osi Umenyiora for a starting role in the near future. And New York needs to go ahead and make some decisions on the offensive line. I wouldn't trust Shawn Andrews enough to be a major part of the future, so you have to see who's ready to play left tackle. If that's Will Beatty, then it's time to move David Diehl to left guard full-time. I think drafting another offensive tackle needs to be a priority as well as a tight end to play opposite Kevin Boss. The Giants have had to get by with Bear Pascoe this season as a tight end/fullback. I know they've had a lot of injuries at tight end, but that's one of the reasons it's time to draft an additional player at that position.

Mark B. is stationed in Korea and he has a message for Jerry Jones: I know you have a red phone direct line to Jerry Jones, so please give him a tremendous Thanks! from personnel stationed in Korea for sending the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders here. It was a great morale boost for our young troops and my young daughters loved the clinic and show. Happy New Year to you and your family. Love the blog and your stories.

Mosley: Mark, I owe Jones a call on the red phone this very afternoon, so I'll pass along that message. The Cowboys Cheerleaders have reportedly had a much more successful season than the team they support. Happy New Year to the men and women all over the world who are serving our country in the military.

Bucky from Georgia has an Eagles trade proposal: Matt, last offseason when the Eagles were listening to trade offers for Donovan McNabb, I heard a lot of rumors that the Oakland Raiders were offering the Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Do you think the Eagles could trade Kevin Kolb this offseason for Nnamdi? The Raiders will get a young franchise quaterback and the Eagles will fill the biggest hole on their defense and have the best cornerback tandem in the NFL. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Mosley: I'm a Asomugha fan from way back, but I don't think Eagles general manager Howie Roseman wants to take on the cornerback's contract. He signed a three-year contract worth $45.3 million in Feb. 2009, so the Eagles would be on the hook for the final season of that deal. The Eagles believe they can possibly land a first-round draft choice for Kolb based on his pedigree and the way he's performed in a handful of starts. And given how desperate teams such as the Vikings and Cardinals need a quarterback, the Eagles may find a trading partner. The Eagles certainly respect Asomugha as a player, but they're not going to take on that contract.

Andy from Manhattan Beach thinks we've overlooked Santana Moss: Hey Matt, I was reading your Pro Bowl analysis and was wondering if we could talk about Santana Moss for a minute or two. While he doesn't have the monster TDs (6) or the most yards (10th statistically for 1041 yards), his yards after the catch are crazy (438)! Considering that he is basically the only wide receiver on a Redskins team in desperate need of players at skill positions, don't you think we could at least give him a pat on the back?

Mosley: I didn't put Moss in my "was robbed" category in the Pro Bowl analysis, but he has had a solid season considering the circumstances. I've long admired the way Moss continues to play at a high level even when his quarterback or team is struggling. Moss told me during training camp that '09 may have been his best season in the NFL despite his numbers being down. He's a wide receiver who always puts winning above any personal stats or accolades. And that's why I just gave him a "pat on the back."

Happy New Year to everyone who stopped down to read this mailbag!