Done deal: Garrett's the man in Dallas

Jason Garrett has been tabbed the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and a news conference has been scheduled for 2:30 p.m. ET to make the announcement, according to ESPNDallas.com. Owner Jerry Jones didn't want to waste any time with this decision because he feared other teams might be interested in his interim coach.

Garrett put himself in position to earn the job by taking a team that had quit on head coach Wade Phillips and leading it to a 5-3 record in the second half of the season. That he accomplished this with veteran Jon Kitna made it all the more impressive. Garrett has been a much more demanding presence than Phillips, as evidenced by his full-pad practices and attention to details, such as new clocks at Valley Ranch.

I think the majority of the players on this roster will be pleased with this decision. Garrett earned their respect by bringing accountability back to the locker room. He certainly had some missteps along the way (Marion Barber), but he did enough to warrant this promotion.

Jones was rooting for Garrett to win this job from the start. That's why he hired him as offensive coordinator in '07 before bringing in Wade Phillips as head coach. Because of the disastrous start to the 2010 season, Garrett became the interim coach by default. But he took full advantage of the opportunity and restored some pride to the organization.

Now we'll find out just how much power Garrett will have when it comes to personnel decisions. It will be interesting to see what he does with this coaching staff. If Jones has too much say in the hires, it will simply be business as usual. But Garrett doesn't come across as a yes-man, and I believe he's willing to stand up to Jones in some areas.

I don't think Cowboys fans will be overjoyed with this hire, but it's the right move for Jones. A big-name such as Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher would have caused more of a stir, but Garrett's actually a better fit for the Cowboys. His former teammates such as Daryl Johnston and Troy Aikman have been singing his praises for years.

He'll now have an opportunity to make good on all that promise.