Should the Eagles hire Childress right now?

Phil Sheridan of the Inquirer has come up with an interesting idea for making sure Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg occasionally mix in a running play against the Green Bay Packers. Sheridan thinks the Eagles should hire former offensive coordinator Brad Childress immediately. No, seriously.

"No, the reason to bring Childress back now has nothing to do with game-planning or special insight into blocking Clay Matthews," writes Sheridan. "His only role would be to don a Motorola headset and remind Reid and Mornhinweg to mix the occasional running play into the offense. Childress would be a voice of reason, cutting through the Fog of War.

"This is an ancient argument, but one we're obligated to make before kickoff on Sunday. The simplest and most effective way to address the most dire challenges facing the Eagles' offense in this game is to run the football. Hand the ball off to LeSean McCoy and Jerome Harrison enough and the Green Bay defense will not be nearly as disruptive. That will help the offensive line, which in turn will help free Michael Vick to make big plays."

Reid and Mornhinweg know the Packers' one weakness on defense is stopping the run, and I'm sure they both intend to place more emphasis on the running game. But we've been down this road before. These men are wired to call passing plays and it would be foolish to think they'd change their ways after so many years of doing it their way.

It would certainly be comical if the Eagles hired Childress as a running game coordinator during the playoffs. It's not going to happen, but it's actually not a bad idea.