Double Coverage: Vick vs. Favre

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What exactly is the value of controversial quarterbacks Brett Favre and Michael Vick to their new teams?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In this week's ground-breaking Double Coverage feature, we take a look at quarterbacks Brett Favre and Michael Vick. Which player will have the biggest impact on his team? The easy answer -- the one NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert will provide -- is that Favre's impact will be greater because he's the starter for the Vikings. Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc. and Seifert essentially agreed on this point, but Jeremy thinks that Vick might have a longer-lasting impact because he someday could replace McNabb for good.

Podcast: Football Today

Kevin Seifert and Matt Mosley join Jeremy Green to discuss which quarterback will have a bigger impact on their teams: the Vikings' Brett Favre or Philadelphia's Michael Vick. Football Today

I made the (strong) argument that Vick will have a bigger 2009 because I don't have confidence in Favre's health. You'll be able to hear all three of us bounce this topic around on our exclusive Double Coverage podcast. Special thanks to Jay Soderberg for working overtime today to make this happen.

Jay ruled in favor of Seifert in today's argument, in part, because I wasn't around at the time. If you like what you hear, please send Seifert a kind note in the NFC North blog comments section.