Cowboys fans pulling for the Jets?

When Michael Vick was in full-out MVP mode a couple months ago, I pointed out that Jerry Jones' doomsday scenario was the Philadelphia Eagles playing in the North Texas Super Bowl. Now, there's a great chance the organization that dashed the Cowboys' hopes of a dynasty in the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will take over the metroplex in two weeks.

Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com thinks that we'll be reading stories of how the Steelers are truly America's Team:

"How can Cowboys fans make a convincing case?" asks MacMahon. "The blue-collar Steelers are a model of stability, having had three head coaches in the last four decades, each of whom won at least one Super Bowl. Jones' glitz-and-glamour Cowboys have employed six head coaches since their last Super Bowl.

"Never mind that Packers backers, who refer to Green Bay as "Titletown," can point to their 12 NFL championships. Or that the Bears have nine NFL titles."

There may be Cowboys fans of a certain age who still harbor resentment toward the Steelers, but something tells me that North Texas restaurant and bar owners are secretly rooting for the Steelers. Nothing against Jets fans, but it's always seemed like Steelers fans were more willing to make a road trip.

If you're a Cowboys fan, what Super Bowl matchup are you rooting for?