A 2005 NFL draft redux by Kiper

The incomparable Mel Kiper has come up with a 2005 first-round redraftInsider based on how players from that class have fared over the past six seasons. This is for ESPN Insiders only, but I'm going to tell you how players from the NFC East came out in the redraft. And by the way, they fared really, really well:

2. Miami Dolphins: DeMarcus Ware, OLB Dallas Cowboys

4. Chicago Bears: Trent Cole, DE Philadelphia Eagles

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Justin Tuck, DE New York Giants

8. Arizona Cardinals: Jay Ratliff, NT Dallas Cowboys

12. San Diego Chargers: Jammal Brown, OT Washington Redskins (seriously)

14. Carolina Panthers: Mike Patterson, DT Philadelphia Eagles

18. Minnesota Vikings: Antrel Rolle, S New York Giants

25. Washington Redskins: Corey Webster, CB New York Giants

Kiper thought that Marion Barber, Leonard Weaver, Brandon Jacobs and Michael Boley were all "close calls" for the re-draft.

I'd say everyone in the NFC East did a pretty nice job in '05 if you throw out the Redskins. See if we're missing anyone.