Jerry's imperfect attendance record

In case you missed it, NFL officials expect 105,000 fans to attend Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium. And some of them will be inside the building.

Leave it to Jerry Jones to sell 5,000 tickets to fans who are willing to shell out $200 a pop to stand outside Cowboys Stadium and watch the game on giant HD projection screens. Those fans had to purchase their tickets in blocks of four, which comes out to a cool $800. I'm hoping folks who made the curious decision to stand outside a live event in a Party Plaza will leave a comment explaining their rationale at the bottom of this entry.

And don't you feel a little sorry for the organizers of Super Bowl XIV who managed to cram 103,985 fans inside the Rose Bowl on Jan. 20, 1980? I wonder if they could apply for a retroactive Party Plaza plan in order to maintain the NFL record for Super Bowl attendance.

For those of you unwilling to cough up $800 to stand outside Cowboys Stadium, I'm pretty sure you can see those HD screens from the Wal-Mart across the street. And if you get hungry, the Pit Grill on South Collins is only a short walk.

At a time when our benevolent NFL commissioner has self-negotiated a $1 salary in case of a work stoppage, it's nice to know Jones can still find another revenue stream.