Checking in with Tony Dorsett

FORT WORTH, Texas -- I just bumped into Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett on the ESPN 103.3 stage in Sundance Square. Dorsett played his college football at Pittsburgh and remains a Steelers fan despite knowing how much that frustrates Cowboys fans.

I asked Dorsett for his take on the way the Rooney family runs the Steelers as opposed to how Jerry Jones runs the Cowboys:

"The Rooneys are very classy," said Dorsett. "They're very deliberate with their decision-making. Once you're part of that family, Steeler nation, they treat you with respect. You don't have a lot of rambunctious players running around."

When I asked Dorsett about Ben Roethlisberger's issues, he was quick to respond:

"They will not allow a player to smear the organization," he said. "They wanted to let that situation run its course. But I promise you he is very lucky to still be on that team."

When he was coming out of college, Dorsett actually begged the Rooneys to draft him. But he didn't want to end his career with Pittsburgh.

"I would've only played for them if I had plenty of gas left in the tank," said Dorsett. "I wouldn't have done that to that team."

I also just talked to Cowboys legend Lee Roy Jordan. More on that later.