Troy Aikman will fight the elements

Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Aikman will replace Roger Staubach as the North Texas Super Bowl committee chairman in preparation for the area's next bid for the game. The soonest the game can return is five years from now, and Aikman doesn't want the owners to fixate on our current weather situation, which is not great.

"I can't imagine not having more Super Bowls in North Texas," Aikman said during a media event promoting the Fox crew Tuesday. "As someone who is very proud to be living in this region and considers this home for me, I don't want to apologize for the weather that we're experiencing. But for those who haven't really spent any time here, they don't know that this is atypical for us."

It was 70 degrees and sunny three days ago, but the temperatures dipped last night and the roads were awful this morning. There will be a lot of grumbling about this weather, but I think some of that will go away when the temperatures start to rise this weekend. Will the Cowboys have the Super Bowl again in five years?

Well, remember that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was very pleased that Jerry Jones (and the Arlington taxpayers) built Cowboys Stadium during tough economic times. I think he'll do his best to bring it back again in five years. And by the way, it's not like the weather in Indianapolis and New York is going to be great.

Something tells me Jones and Aikman will get their wish.

"Everyone is shocked that it's happened, but hopefully that doesn't hurt our chances of getting future Super Bowls. And I don't think it will."