Goodell says Vick's doing the 'right thing'

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just spent about 45 minutes addressing the media in downtown Dallas.

VickVickHe touched on a number of topics, including the progress that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has made as a player and person. Goodell said he's spoken to Vick three times in the past two weeks, and he's been assured by the quarterback that folks are using his name in North Texas to try and promote parties that he's not planning to attend.

"He is committed to doing the right thing going forward, and I think that's a great thing," said the commissioner.

He said Vick had made a "horriffic mistake," but added that he'd paid the price for his involvement in dogfighting.

"We're looking for success stories ... he paid a significant price, and now he's doing the right thing," said Goodell.

The news conference was dominated by talk of the labor negotiations with the NFL Players' Association. Goodell tried to remain optimistic for the most part, but he did note that all this talk of the players union wanting the owners to "open up the books" is simply a "negotiating ploy."

But no matter how much optimism Goodell expressed, it still looks like we're headed for a lockout after March 4. The commissioner admitted that "uncertainty" would creep in once that date arrived without an agreement in place. I would argue that the uncertainty has already arrived.