Video: Romo's ready to play

Tony Romo made an appearance on ESPN's "First Take" this morning and he smiled quite a bit while saying nothing. He wouldn't even make a Super Bowl prediction, saying the team that runs the ball best would win the game.

He said the 2010 season was "tough to swallow" and that he's ready to begin the 2011 season "right now." Romo was a big Packers fan growing up in Wisconsin and he worshiped Brett Favre. He's sort of distanced himself from Favre since becoming a starter in the league, telling reporters that John Elway was actually his hero.

Romo told "First Take" that the weather in Burlington, Wisconsin, today was worse than in North Texas, which is hard to believe.

Romo said he plans to attend Sunday's game, but said it will be difficult to watch other teams play in Cowboys Stadium.