Another black eye for the Super Bowl?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The North Texas Super Bowl has another P.R. problem, and this one has nothing to do with the weather. A limited number of sections in temporary seating areas had not been completed by today, according to the league. Oh, and kickoff's about an hour away.

Fortunately, the NFL apparently had a Plan B: Sending the fans outdoors to enjoy the game from the Party Plazas.

"Fans who are not accommodated with seats inside the stadium will each receive a refund of triple of cost of the face value of the ticket," the statement said. "We regret the situation."

I bet Jerry Jones will deeply regret the situation. He finally got the weather to cooperate, and now fans are being told they can't watch the game in person. Jones needs to pray that this is one of the best games in Super Bowl history. If it's a dud, this ticket story will be front and center.