Sean Payton is moving to North Texas

DALLAS -- So we've found one man who's willing to battle the elements in our region and make Westlake, Texas, his permanent home. Oh, and Sean Payton's not being hired as the Dallas Cowboys' general manager, although that rumor sure had a ring to it.

The intrepid Ed Werder of ESPN fame, a frequent contributor to this blog, has been focused on the Green Bay Packers the past couple weeks but he found himself breaking some real estate news Monday. The New Orleans Saints put out a press release Sunday night that Payton will remain their head coach, but Werder discovered that he will now commute to New Orleans via private plane.

Rumors began to swirl Sunday evening that Payton might be accepting a front-office position with the Cowboys. And while I'm sure Jerry Jones would've welcomed Payton back into the fold, it's not like he's going to give up his GM title. The Saints head coach will now realize his dream of living in the same neighborhood as the Jonas Brothers.

A lot of us have tried to figure out how to commute to New Orleans from Dallas, but it's a tricky proposition for non-millionaires who are paid by the blog entry.

Let me be the first person to welcome the Paytons back to their heavily guarded home.