Vick and the shovel pass

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Michael Vick's controversial return to the NFL went fairly well in Philadelphia Thursday night as he completed several shovel and swing passes.

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

PHILADELPHIA -- I realize that Andy Reid's not going to show us everything in the Wildcat, but the shovel pass seems so early '90s. Wouldn't you like to see what Vick looks like taking off with the ball? We've only seen it once, and former first-round pick Derrick Harvey didn't have any trouble tracking him down.

I'm sure there will be more wrinkles in the Wildcat. It seems like tonight is all about reintroducing Vick to the speed of the game. It's really tough to judge what kind of shape he's in when he's getting one play per series. Oops, McNabb's lateral to LeSean McCoy was just picked up and returned for a touchdown by Jags linebacker Brian Iwuh.

I was hoping to see Vick on the goal line. Instead, the Eagles just made an awful mistake. Vick's still wearing a helmet, so there's a chance we'll see him a time or two more in the first half. I think it's really good for the Eagles' young running backs and receivers that the Jags have an aggressive pair of cornerbacks. Rashean Mathis takes a lot of chances, and it's interesting to watch McCoy and Jeremy Maclin react to that type of pressure. This could be the Eagles' last drive of the first half. McNabb will keep playing in the third quarter. Not so sure about Vick.