Vick to sit on Oprah's couch

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will take his story of redemption to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" next Thursday. I've seen Eagles defensive end Daryl Tapp reference Oprah's show via Twitter in the past, so he'll obviously be watching.

And yes, the NFC East blog will be taping this segment and featuring some of the highlights. It's not like this ranks up there with Oprah's Favorite Things episodes, but Vick should generate decent ratings. Dogfighting is not a topic that often appeals to a largely female audience, but Vick's story is compelling enough to pull in a few folks who don't normally plan their afternoons around Oprah.

I'm pretty sure we've heard everything about Vick's prison experience and subsequent return to football, but perhaps Oprah will unearth some new details. She's adopted dogs over the years and works with shelters across the country, so it's not like she'll go soft in that area.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure Vick qualifies as a big "get" at this stage in his comeback. He'll always be associated with his heinous crimes, but the most interesting part of the story from a football standpoint is whether he'll be able to build on last season. And it will be interesting to observe his relationship with the Eagles now that they intend to place the franchise tag on him.

Vick recently landed his first paid endorsement deal. I'm sure it won't hurt his cause to appear on one of the most-watched talk shows in television history. And if he's really good Thursday, perhaps Dr. Phil will come calling soon.

We'll really know Vick has arrived if he's ever booked on Daily News Live with Rich Hofmann and friends.