What led to Chris Palmer's 'retirement?'

In case you missed it last week, former New York Giants quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer was a little more forthcoming about what led to his decision to leave the club following the '09 season. It was odd to hear that a 60-year-old football lifer was retiring at the time, and he quickly came out of retirement to coach the UFL's Hartford Colonials.

Palmer told The (Nashville) Tennessean last Tuesday that his departure from the Giants hinged on the club's refusal to insert a clause allowing him to interview for another team's offensive coordinator's position if one came open. Palmer, who also spent time on Bill Parcells' coaching staff with the Cowboys, was recently hired as the Titans' offensive coordinator.

It's always seemed like head coaches should allow their assistants to advance in the profession, but there's not a rule in place that provides position coaches an automatic opportunity to interview if a coordinator job becomes available. A few years ago, teams started to get creative with job titles (assistant head coach) in order to lure assistants. Now, head coaches are a lot more vigilant in keeping their staffs intact.

It's interesting that more folks haven't looked at Eli Manning's interception total from last season and wondered if perhaps Palmer was a better coach than we'd realized.