Can Vick go anywhere but down?

Bill Barnwell from Football Insiders delivered an interesting column today regarding Michael Vick's future. This information is only to be viewed by ESPN Insiders, but I've thrown caution to the wind and will present an excerpt this evening. It seems that Barnwell's suggesting the Eagles are foolish to commit so much money to a player coming off a career season:

"The Eagles' passing attack didn't budge from Vick's level of performance when Kevin Kolb got to play with the same receivers," writes Barnwell. "One of the biggest reasons Vick did so well as a passer was his career-low interception rate of 1.6 percent; even if we ignore Vick's past and consider him to be a permanently-changed passer, it's close to impossible for any quarterback to sustain an interception rate that low over the course of multiple seasons.

"Vick was a better player than Kolb in 2010 because of his abilities as a runner (and the lanes that opened up for LeSean McCoy), but that also increased Vick's exposure to injury. Remember that Vick's rib injury in Week 4 came on a scramble, and the health histories of style comps like Steve Young and Randall Cunningham suggest missed time is in Vick's future. In a way, the Eagles are probably safer going year-to-year with Vick, but they shouldn't expect top-five production from him next season."

Interesting thoughts from Mr. Barnwell, but I don't believe the Eagles will be able to go year-to-year with Vick. If that happens, you'll know the owners crushed the players in labor negotiations. And I expect for this to be a closer margin. Something like Owners 31, Players 27.

By the way, I had a nice visit with TCU quarterback Andy Dalton on Dallas-Fort Worth's 103.3 FM ESPN today. I'll try to make that podcast available to you Thursday.