Harbaugh: Castillo will be a head coach

In case you haven't attended an NFL combine, what happens is that hundreds of reporters sit around and complain about the lack of coffee while waiting to hear from head coaches and GMs from around the league. You normally hear from everyone except perhaps Bill Belichick, who can't be bothered with such trivial matters.

On another side of the room, the more recognizable players are brought to podiums. At least one reporter shouts out thoughtful questions such as, "Who's your agent?" On Thursday morning, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh stopped by to visit with reporters. He once worked under Andy Reid for the Eagles, so folks naturally wanted to know what he thought about longtime offensive line coach Juan Castillo being promoted to defensive coordinator.

"Who knows how it's going to go, but Juan's an excellent coach, plus he's surrounded by a veteran staff," Harbaugh said. "Andy recognizes a good coach, plus I think he's always had a lot of respect for Juan ... I think he'll do really well. I'm a supporter of Juan. I think he'll be a head coach in this league someday. I just think he's a special guy."

I've always been told that Castillo's one of the most underrated assistants in the league. Now we'll see how he performs in the spotlight. I believe he'll be the most highly scrutinized defensive coordinator in the league in 2011. But again, other coaches around the league swear by him.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Browns offensive line coach George Warhop for years now. And he has no doubt in his mind that Castillo will be a success as a defensive coordinator. And if Castillo turns this unit around, you can guarantee he'll be in the mix for a head-coaching gig.