The Seattle Seahawks and Kevin Kolb

NEW ORLEANS -- A reporter asked me Tuesday whether the Seattle Seahawks were the team to have reportedly offered a first-round draft choice to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Seattle was among the teams that spoke to the Eagles about Kolb last offseason, when the asking price was more than a first-rounder and ultimately prohibitive.

This is a story we'll want to monitor closely. For now, however, the Eagles are doing what teams often do when seeking value for a player. They're trying to create a stronger market by suggesting teams are clamoring for their player and willing to pay a high price.

As Eagles president Joe Banner told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "You can figure if there's a quarterback that a number of teams are interested in, you're going to end up with some meaningful compensation. You can kind of figure out what that means and speculate from there. That's the situation we're in."

Teams tend to discourage speculation when it doesn't serve their interests. In this case, Banner is more than happy to indulge rumors that only enhance his team's position.

Could I see the Seahawks making a play for Kolb? Absolutely. It's a subject we've discussed at length on the blog. The lockout is preventing teams from making trades or even executing formal offers for players, but we all know Seattle could use a quarterback pending resolution to Matt Hasselbeck's contract situation, and perhaps anyway.