ESPN Report: Vick ruling coming by cut day

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will make a decision regarding Michael Vick's full reinstatement by Saturday's cut-down deadline, according to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. Under his partial reinstatement, Vick can't play in the regular season until he's notified by Goodell -- and that notification has to take place by Week 6. Goodell and Vick have been having weekly conversations, and the commissioner has been in touch with the Eagles on a regular basis.

The Eagles need to know which way the commissioner is leaning in order to make decisions regarding their 53-man roster. If there's a chance Vick will be back for the Week 3 game against the Chiefs (and I think there is), the Eagles probably won't put him on the roster exempt list. Andy Reid wants Vick to be working out with the team. If he went on the exempt list, he wouldn't be allowed to practice with the team.

This should make for a very interesting cut-down day. It would really surprise me if Goodell made Vick wait until after the bye week (4th week) to be reinstated. We'll keep our eye on this one for you as things continue to develop. The only thing that would worry me from Vick's perspective is that New York Post report that he was sipping an adult beverage in a Philadelphia airport hotel. That doesn't violate anything in his contract with the Eagles, but it certainly wasn't a smart move on Vick's part -- and his advisor Tony Dungy has said the same.

I think the latest that Vick will be reinstated is after the bye week. The Eagles would have a full two weeks of practice to get him ready to go with that scenario, but obviously Reid would rather have Vick back for the third game. We'll keep you posted.