Breakfast links: D-Jax using his time well

A good morning to all. I hope you all had as nice a holiday weekend as I did. That Bill P from NJ really knows how to throw a barbecue.

The Eagles' DeSean Jackson was a hot topic on our lil' ol' blog Friday, as the debate over the division's best wide receiver corps got everybody nice and fired up heading into the weekend. But there's no debating the fact that Jackson is using his lockout-induced free time for good. We've linked here before about his work with his Pancreatic Cancer foundation and mentioned the time he's spent back in Oakland going to schools to talk about the dangers of bullying. The Oakland Tribune's Monte Poole recently accompanied Jackson on a visit to San Quentin, where he spent time chatting with inmates. Impressive dude on and off the field, it would seem, is Jackson.

Meanwhile, here at the blog, with the holiday behind us, we link:

More Eagles

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Ashley Fox thinks Kevin Kolb is naive to trust Andy Reid to do right by him, and that Reid will only do so if it's also what's best for the team. Kolb, who said after the season that he wants to be traded to a team for which he can be the starting quarterback, softened a bit last week and said he wouldn't be "a turd" if stuck in Philly. Which is nice.

This report indicates that the Arizona Cardinals, thought to be the Eagles' most likely trade partner for Kolb, still have some questions about him. Now, they could be putting that out there for leverage reasons, sure. But the longer the lockout drags on, the more difficult it's going to be to put this deal together. What may have seemed like an obvious fit months ago might start to break apart under more extensive examination. Just saying, don't assume it's a done deal.

Dallas Cowboys

There were short ribs on the menu and, apparently, a "pizza bar" at the Tony Romo wedding Saturday night. Sure, I mean, when you invite that many football players to your wedding, you've got to give them something to eat. But man, I'm going to be thinking about "pizza bar" all week. And I'm not even hungry right now.

Rainer Sabin mulls the question of whether the Cowboys were actually right to pick Felix Jones with the No. 22 selection in the 2008 NFL draft, one pick before Pittsburgh selected the considerably more productive Rashard Mendenhall. The conclusion here seems to be that Jones, the better receiver, fits the Cowboys' scheme better than Mendenhall would have. To which I say: Okaaaaaay, but ... Tennessee took Chris Johnson at 24. How we rationalizing that one?

New York Giants

Justin Tuck is assembling celebrities for his annual charity pool tournament this week in New York. Tuck's charity benefits literacy programs in central Alabama, where he's from. Tuck takes a lot of pride in being from Alabama and was recently there helping to raise money for tornado victims.

Giants 101 spoke with Kevin Boothe, who said rookies are missing out on valuable classroom time because of the NFL lockout.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones from the Washington Post spoke with the father of Brandon Banks about how the Redskins' receiver is dealing with the aftermath of his November knee surgery and his February stabbing. The Redskins' exclusion from our discussion of the division's best wide receivers would seem to speak to a potential opportunity for Banks, who would be a nice comeback story if he could return to the field and make a positive contribution.

Word here that Albert Haynesworth might settle his road rage case, which would be good. I'm sure Haynesworth would like to move on so he can go find something else about which to be angry.

Not me, though. I'm as happy as can be to be back with you for another week. Let's do it to them before they do it to us.