Breakfast links: Washington grows on Moss

Morning, all. Lockout's still on, but the rampant speculation and analysis train rolls along. Santana Moss gave a radio interview in Washington and said he'd like to return to the Redskins if they'll have him back:

"That's the only thing I can think of," Moss told ESPN 980. "I'm a Redskin. I feel like I invested a lot into this team. I would hate to leave and see the team be successful, knowing I was here."

We've joked a bit here over the past week about the Redskins' receiving corps, and it's certainly not among the team's strong suits. But Moss is coming off a very good season, and indications are that the Redskins would like to bring him back. If they don't, they're left with Anthony Armstrong, Brandon Banks, Leonard Hankerson, Terrence Austin and a couple of guys they drafted in later rounds in April.

The free-agent wide receiver market doesn't look sensational, populated as it is by question-mark guys like Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and the soon-to-be-released-from-prison Plaxico Burress. So while Washington could use an upgrade at receiver, there may not be a clear one to be had. They're probably better off giving Santana his wish and hoping someone like Armstrong, Banks or Hankerson takes the next step and emerges as a starter.

In the meantime, I link, therefore I am:

More Redskins

Mike Jones says Lorenzo Alexander took some snaps at inside linebacker during last week's player-led workouts and thinks it's because rookie Ryan Kerrigan is an OLB and that Alexander will need to play ILB to get playing time. I say that all makes sense, but it doesn't make a difference until a coach tells him to practice there.

Dallas Cowboys

The Tony Romo wedding is the breakfast links gift that keeps on giving. Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner blog absolutely blasts the job Romo and his new bride did filling out their gift registries at Macy's and Crate & Barrel. Apparently, they registered for incredibly cheap stuff like 50-cent tea lights and came up with 150 items from the C&B registry alone:

"In the truest sign yet that the lockout has already started affecting NFL players, nobody bought the couple the three most expensive items on the registries: Calphalon cookware ($569), a Dyson vacuum ($549) and Wusthof cutlery ($399). DeMaurice Smith, you only have yourself to blame if and when Romo and Crawford's poorly cut, unevenly cooked dinners fall on the floor and are unable to be picked up by the world's first bagless vacuum."


In more ... relevant, on-field news, rookie running back DeMarco Murray has apparently been working out with former Oklahoma Sooners teammate Sam Bradford during the lockout and tells NFL.com in a video, "I don't want to sit on no bench." I can see his point, but if he gets stuck there, at least he'll have a really huge TV to watch.

New York Giants

Steve Smith told ProFootballTalk that he expects to be back with the Giants. Some have wondered about that, thanks to talk of a large contract extension that followed Smith's big 2009 season. But his 2010 knee injury likely dampened those plans, and now it seems as if he plans on sticking around in New York. Smith told PFT, "I was going to leave, but then Graziano ranked our WR corps No. 1 in the division, so I have to stay and help make him look good." No, actually. He didn't say that.

If you haven't checked out our "Faces of the Lockout" series we ran yesterday, go ahead and do that. I'll wait right here. Pretty good stuff in there. Ohm Youngmisuk's contribution looks at Barry Cofield's uncertain situation, which people ask about all the time in the printable parts of the mailbag.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles worked out again, this time without the use of a football. Revolutionary practice tactics emerging during the lockout! Read to the bottom to find out why Brent Celek has put a shirt on for the past couple of practices.

And there's more Howard Mudd-related stuff today from Les Bowen, who talked to Todd Herremans about the videos Mudd handed out to offensive linemen back when coaches and players could still do stuff like that together.

I, too, am going to work out without a football today. But I'll be back later with plenty of Thursday goodness here on the NFC East blog. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast.