Eagles fare well in franchise rankings

AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky passed this along, since he was doing something on it over on his blog. And since I know how you guys love lists and rankings (and since it's another somewhat slow day, what with nothing going on and all), I figured it was a fun afternoon conversation-starter.

"It" is Adam Schein's annual rankings of NFL franchises, which he says he bases on six categories -- owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles, "which include facilities, fan support and public relations."

Now, this is one man's opinion, obviously, based on one man's randomly determined categories, each of which get equal weight whether that makes sense. So take it for what it's worth. But Adam ranks the Philadelphia Eagles No. 5 overall, the New York Giants No. 7, the Dallas Cowboys No. 16 and the Washington Redskins No. 22. (Poor Redskins can't catch a break these days. We really are going to find a list soon where they do better than fourth in the division. I promise!)

The Eagles didn't get a perfect 10 in any category, but Adam gave them a 9.5 in owner, 9s in coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles and an 8 in quarterback. He praised the unity and quality of Andy Reid and the front office, and saved a special commendation for Derek Boyko's P.R. staff.

The Giants got a 10 for intangibles, where Adam seemed to give them credit for not cutting staff pay during the lockout. They scored a 7 in coaching staff and a 7.5 for head coach Tom Coughlin.

Adam doesn't think much of the Cowboys' coaches, giving them a 4 in head coach and a 4.5 in coaching staff. But Jerry Jones picked up an 8 in the owner category, and Dallas' final rank got a boost from a 9 in intangibles, which seems to have been based on the new stadium.

And the Redskins scored an 8 for front office and a 7.5 for coach, but poor marks elsewhere, including a 1 at quarterback, which may actually be pretty high, since they don't seem to have one.

Again ... we've done so many lists here lately that it's not my position to sit here and call someone else's silly. But it's something to read and argue about, and so I figured I'd show it to you. Don't all race to the front of the line to thank me, please. I'll be here all week.