Weekend mailbag: Workout worries

Well, another week in the books and still no end in sight for the lockout. Even Fired-Up Friday was a bit of a dud, though I do wonder where all the Eagles fans who were calling me names last week went all of a sudden... (And by the way. Really? Sixteen percent of you voted for Jason Garrett as the best head coach in the division? Off eight games? I understand being a fan, but sheesh.)

Anyway, without further ado, your queries:

Constantine Okoye from London wonders why the Giants have had such poorly attended player-organized workouts as compared with those of other teams around the league: "I'm not saying we have to go over the top and televise it on ESPN and get sponsors, etc., but even still pretty poor how literally six people turn to work out for a team that's missed the playoffs the last few years."

Dan Graziano: I mentioned this in Friday's breakfast links, and I do find it curious. These player workouts have been organized by, obviously, players. And some teams have been more organized than others. I've heard Justin Tuck say multiple times recently that he and some of the other Giants leaders have been talking about putting together a camp sometime later this month or in early July. But Constantine is right -- what the Giants have done is minimal compared to what the other teams -- even the other teams in the division -- have done. It remains to be seen whether it matters either way once the lockout ends, but it does raise questions -- for me, at least -- about the way the supposed "leaders" on the Giants' roster feel about their leadership responsibilities.

Steve from Alabama wants to know how Plaxico Burress would be worked into the Eagles' offense if they signed him.

DG: I think he'd fit a very specific role for them, and not a huge one. If the Eagles bring in Plaxico, it would be because they feel they lack a big-bodied WR who can dominate with his size -- someone who can go up and out-fight defenders for the ball, especially in the end zone. You can argue that they don't need someone like that, and that their focus should be on defensive upgrades, and I agree with the latter. But I don't think Burress is going to cost much, and if you can get him in there to fill that one specific role for little risk, it's worth it. If you find yourself in a bidding war with, say, the Rams, and they're telling him he'll be their No. 1 WR, then I say you back out.

James Schee from Silsbee, Texas writes: "I wonder if the fact that Marion Barber's jersey is on clearance for $20 at Dallas Cowboy Pro Shop retail stores is a clear indication that Barber's done in Dallas. They did the same thing to TO's jersey just before TO got released."

DG: I'm pretty sure they were planning to move on from Barber all along, James, and especially once they drafted DeMarco Murray. But it's a good question, whether the folks setting prices in the team stores would do so upon consultation with the front office or whether they're just speculating like the rest of us. Best bet: The prices on the Barber jerseys went down because people weren't buying them.

Connor from Chicago wonders whether the Redskins would bring in Vince Young to be their starting quarterback: "I know we've had a bad track record with personality risks from Tennessee, but he should be relatively cheap right now and we could just give him a contract loaded with incentives to keep his head straight. At least the guy has a track record of being a winner, and maybe he could inject some life into the sleepy skins offense."

DG: I guess, but I'm not seeing it. It wouldn't make sense for Shanahan to be seeking out drama right now, as you mention with your Haynesworth reference. And in general, I don't get the sense that Young's next stop is going to be as someone's starter. I believe Young will get a deal to be some team's backup, from a coaching staff that believes it can coach the best out of him while he's in a low-pressure role and not getting much attention. I know it sounds silly because we keep mentioning them everywhere, but I think he makes a LOT of sense as Michael Vick's backup if the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb.

And finally, Dan Monkeyboy Backen from Minneapolis writes: "Hiaku! 'Dan to Dan,' I just gotta say, Man, I like your great writing. You just make my day. Thanks and keep up the good work."

DG: No, thank you, Monkeyboy, for making mine. And if you find yourself at Ike's on 6th Street, tell Bill Morris I said hi.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody.