Your comments on coaches

Of the three Friday debate topics we've had so far, this past Friday's was the least heated. Of the more than 5,500 of you who voted, 43 percent agreed with the choice of Philadelphia's Andy Reid as the best head coach in the NFC East. The voting mirrored my own rankings, with Tom Coughlin coming in second, Mike Shanahan third and Jason Garrett a surprisingly strong fourth, given the small sample size. I feared the old, "But he hasn't won a ring!!!" argument would come into play again here, but it seems a plurality of you agree that Reid's consistency at building year-in, year-out contenders and division winners makes him the pick. Here's a sampling of what you had to say about it:

JimmyBarr59, a Cowboys fan, agreed with the rankings: "I'm hoping when the smoke clears Garrett will be at least 2nd on this list. Time will tell on that one. It will be interesting to see this list next year when Coughlin and Shanahan are no longer part of the picture."

Dan Graziano: I mean, Shanahan's got four years left on his contract. JimmyBarr thinks he's gone after this one? That'll be some story to cover.

pinomic buys the rings argument but thinks Coughlin's one means more than Shanahan's two: "Coughlin won the big one in the East. Debate over. Shanny won his Super Bowls in a horrible division that can't even compare to the East. I said debate over!"

DG: Yeah, pinomic, but wouldn't you admit that ... oh, wait. I'm sorry. I guess the debate's over.

st8prop says I'm "obviously an Eagles fan" because of my ranking and believes Coughlin should have won: "Reid has been the Eagles coach longer than Coughlin has been the Giants coach yet he still has not won a Lombardi for his team. Beast titles and Conference title are fine...but in my opnion, if you havent won your team the ultimate prize...tht has to count negatively somewhat."

DG: I agree. It does count negatively "somewhat." I believe, if Reid had a Super Bowl title, this wouldn't even be a worthy debate topic. But come on, st8prop. I thought we had something here. You're calling me an Eagles fan? Were you following last week when all the Eagles fans were calling me a Giants fan? You're better than that, st8prop. SMH, as the kids say on the Twitter. SMH.

And finally, einsteinhurricane used an analogy I can't even comprehend: "I thought we were talking current rankings, not all time rankings. To use a UFC analogy, Shanny's Randy Couture, Coughlin's Chuck Liddell, Reid is Phil Davis and Garrett is Brian Stann. I don't think there's a question Couture and Liddell are HOFers and in their prime they were the much better fighters, but if I'm picking a fighter now, I'm picking Davis."

DG: Uh ... sure. I mean, I guess ...