The incredible shrinking Redskins stadium?

Dan Steinberg's been tracking the removal of upper deck seats from FedEx Field, and the word out of Washington seems to be the Redskins will soon announce plans for a "party deck" where those seats used to be. But Steinberg's apparent suspicion is legitimate and healthy.

He is not saying (and neither am I) the Redskins would reconfigure their stadium in an effort to artificially keep alive their sellout streak or their legendary season-ticket waiting list. But if a team were interested in doing things like that, this would be a way to do it.

Given the state of the economy over the past couple of years, the state of the Redskins over the past couple of years and the difficulty some teams are having selling enough seats to lift local TV blackouts, it's not insane to think that supply might have inched ahead of demand when it comes to Redskins tickets. And surely, a "party deck" has a chance to look more attractive than a bunch of tarps covering unsold upper-deck seats.

The only way I would imagine this becomes an issue is if there really are a whole bunch of people on waiting lists for Redskins tickets and they're being told they can't have them because all existing tickets are already sold. If that's the case, and the team were undertaking measures to reduce the official capacity of its stadium, then things would seem to be a bit fishy. Meantime, it's nice to know someone down in D.C. is keeping his eye on the situation.