Breakfast links: Waiting on sequels

The Plaxico stuff has me thinking about sequels. Still haven't seen "The Hangover 2" yet because I'm afraid it'll be awful and I just loved the first one so much. We did see "Kung Fu Panda 2" last week with the kids and got a kick out of it. And the previews for "Cars 2" just have the kids so jacked up I can't even explain it.

Personally, I'm not sure there's ever been a sequel to a movie I've seen more times than I've seen "Cars," which has been shown at least 17,000 times in my house since its DVD release. I don't even know anymore whether it's a good movie, a bad movie, a good kids' movie ... it's just part of the mental furniture now. I can recite it. I may be looking forward to the sequel more than the kids are, just because it represents fresh material.

Anyway, after a day spent mulling and predicting the results of "Plaxico 2," we wake this morning to find ourselves still in a lockout but still linking:

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant says his money problems are behind him. An attorney says he still owes $600,000. For me, this appears to constitute a slight difference of opinion. But then, I can remember when $600,000 was a lot of money ...

Blogging the Boys looks at whether the Cowboys should go to a no-huddle offense more in 2011, given the depth and strength they have at the offensive skill positions. It's a worthwhile debate, but the one thing I think could hold the idea back is the necessity of rotating running backs in and out. Jason Garrett will have to be extremely quick and skilled at substituting if he's to do that without huddling.

New York Giants

So it looks as if the Giants have hopped on the player-organized-workout train and begun getting together in North Jersey. In this story about how tough Prince Amukamara finds it to have been drafted into a lockout, Paul Schwartz has some details -- including the fact that the Giants don't want anybody to have any details. Guess they're putting in some super-important secret stuff without their coaches there or something.

Most of the other Giants-related stuff on the Web this morning is about Plaxico Burress, and we've certainly had that covered. I did find this from Ohm on Giants GM Jerry Reese saying he expects Brandon Jacobs to be back with the team next year. Would have been hard to find somebody a year ago who expected Jacobs to be on the Giants in 2011, but he did manage to turn things around.

Philadelphia Eagles

Most of the Eagles stuff this morning is Plaxico-related as well, since the Eagles have emerged in recent weeks as the presumed front-runner for Burress' services. Burress wore a Philadelphia Phillies cap upon his release. When someone asked him if that meant he was headed for Philly, he said, "That's for y'all to decide," which makes no sense at all but whatever. There already seems to be some backlash in Philadelphia against the idea of the Eagles bringing in Burress.

Bizarre story here about LeSean McCoy not showing up for a couple of paid autograph signings. Classic quote No. 1: "I understand why Mr. McCoy did not show up, but I don't understand why he didn't refund the money." Classic quote No. 2: "McCoy failed to reach Bentley's back on March 11 because he got a flat tire and because the car the bar offered to send to pick him up was not big enough to carry the player and his body guards." Yeah, don't you hate when that happens?

Washington Redskins

Some more details on the FedEx Field renovations and plans for new "party decks," which will have the effect of reducing the very large capacity of the Redskins' home stadium and denying fans on their legendary waiting list the opportunity to buy tickets in 2011. I mean, say what you want. At best, this is a case of the Redskins trying to copy something Jerry Jones did in his new stadium in Dallas. At worst, it's a case of reducing supply in order to mask dwindling demand. It could also be both.

The Redskins have surfaced as a possible Burress destination, and you can make the case that there's some logic to the idea. Receiver is a position of need, especially if Santana Moss signs elsewhere. But quarterback is a much bigger need. And from Burress' standpoint (and remember -- he gets a say in this too), why would he want to go to a team that doesn't have a quarterback?

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