Remember Reggie Brooks?

Because I have a soft spot for pessimism and negativity, I'm greatly enjoying the Football Outsiders "most disappointing" series we've been running on Insider. They did Most Disappointing Teams of the past 25 years, Most Disappointing Trades of the past 25 years and, most recently, the 10 Most Disappointing Sophomore Seasons of the past 25 years.

I'm not going to give you the whole list for free, since it's an Insider story and, of course, we want you to buy the Insider access. But the only NFC East name on the list is the one ranked No. 1 -- Washington Redskins running back Reggie Brooks. Take it away, Aaron Schatz:

"When your main legacy is that you won the first two Madden Bowls, it's safe to say that your NFL career didn't turn out the way you wanted. After the Redskins took him in the second round of the 1993 draft out of Notre Dame, Brooks managed 1,063 yards on the ground in his rookie season despite an unimpressive offense around him. But he spent a great deal of the following season in the doghouse of new head coach Norv Turner, butting heads about a running back-by-committee situation and getting his work ethic called into question. Brooks gained just 297 yards in his second season, managed minus-2 yards on one carry in 1995 and was out of football after the 1996 season."

One key to this list is that injury couldn't be the reason for the drop-off. So Brooks' letdown was all Brooks. But as Aaron notes, they can never take those 1995 and 1996 Madden Bowl titles away from him. Even if Jacquez Green, Dwight Freeney and Alex Smith each have won two Madden Bowl titles since. Yeah, I looked that up.