Chat wrap: Staying away from T.O.

It was the best of chats, it was the worst of chats. Actually, it was probably neither. But we did chat Tuesday, and if for some unforgivable reason you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

einsteinhurricane from D.C. wanted me to join him on the Terrell Owens-to-the-Redskins bandwagon: "Despite TO's 'poisonous' nature, one thing he's always been praised for is being a good teacher to young WRs, which could only benefit Hankerson. Also, even at his age, CBs still fear TO, which I can't say for anyone else on our roster. Short of a trade for VJax, TO has to be the best option (or at least a good one), right?"

Dan Graziano: He did a lot early on in Cincinnati last year, but man...the Redskins are trying to build something. The QB, whoever it is, will need all the support he can get. As talented as TO is, he's not exactly been the most supportive guy of his QBs through the years. Do you really want to inflict him on John Beck?

Shai from N.J. (yee haw) is a Giants fan who doesn't want to see Plaxico Burress on the Eagles: "I want to root for him upon his return. I think the Rams would be an ideal spot for him for so many reasons. Spags, WR needy, Bradford."

DG: The Rams are WR needy. But I think people are making a mistake if they think Plax is going to come right out of prison and be somebody's No. 1 WR. He may not be any good anymore. He's going to be 34 when (if) the season starts, and the best spot for him would be one where not much is asked of him right away. That's why, while the Rams might come after him, if I were him, I might not want to go there.

Patrick from NYC writes: "Who would you least like to get hit by in the NFC East? I would go with Brandon Jacobs or Laron Landry."

DG: Awesome question. Top of my head, I'm going with Brian Orakpo.

ImAlwaysXclusive from Fort Washington, Md. asks: "Of the Cowboys players currently on the Roster who needs to step up the most to make them contenders again?"

DG: So....many....candidates....I'll say Anthony Spencer. If he plays the way he did in 2009, the defense improves dramatically. Not BLAMING him for what happened last year, mind you. Just saying he's the kind of talent who could make a major difference when he's at his absolute best.

Joe from NYC asks: "DeSean Jackson needs to go over the middle to be considered the best... Agree??

DG: No, but I think he should catch more than 47 balls next year if he wants to hold the title.

Thanks to all who dropped by. Shame on those who didn't. We'll do it again next Tuesday at noon, so you can redeem yourselves.