Breakfast links: Plaxico speaks

It's Friday, it's hot and early-summer attention spans being what they are, we'll get right to the links:

Dallas Cowboys

The ESPNDallas.com series on Cowboys draft picks concluded with a look at first-rounder Tyron Smith. Calvin Watkins (who I thought was a basketball writer) talked to USC offensive line coach James Cregg, who painted the picture of Smith as one bad dude: "A hard, hard worker. A guy who can tolerate pain. The kid is just a workhorse. We did these sprint drills and there were few linemen who could finish them, and he damn near took every rep and didn't complain." Could work.

Tough news here: Reports indicate former Cowboys LB Godfrey Miles suffered a massive heart attack. Best to him and his family, of course.

New York Giants

Plaxico Burress spoke to the Wall Street Journal for his first post-prison interview. Didn't say much, didn't rule out a return to the Giants. Said he watched some football while in prison and"it definitely makes you hungrier. You watch your friends have success and you want to recommit yourself and accomplish things again."

The Giants are looking at whether they'll need to push back the start date of their training camp due to the lockout, but it doesn't appear as if the University of Albany is giving them a hard time or a hard deadline. Other teams, such as the Eagles, may have to make training camp decisions sooner, and I wonder if they'll be able to get any sense from the recent labor talks as to what they'll be able to do.

Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick showed up at former Falcons teammate Roddy White's football camp for kids in South Carolina and was the star attraction. Looks as if he'll be in Virginia today to start a new kids' football league. Spending lots of time with the kids, is Mike. As we've said before here, like him or not, his message hits home with the kids.

Bleeding Green Nation found a little preview of Vick's and DeSean Jackson's Madden 12 player pages. In case you're into that sort of thing.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are working to relocate ticket holders who will be displaced by this new "party deck" thing they're doing in the upper deck. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm a grouch, but if they were messing with my tickets during a lockout I'd be upset.

Fred Davis did an interview with a local TV station in his hometown of Toledo. Some fun stuff about his high school days, including some video. I don't know. It's a little Toledo-specific. But if you're a fan of Fred Davis, you might enjoy the seven-minute interview clip.

Got a few things planned before the weekend hits. We'll do Fired-Up Friday, of course, and we have something planned for later today on most underrated players in the division. So keep clicking back while you're bored at work and dreaming of your weekend.