Little help? Top assistant coaches

Next week's Power Rankings asks us to rank the best up-and-coming assistant coaches -- coaches on the rise who might someday soon get a chance to sit in the big chair and run an NFL franchise. So I'm looking for your thoughts on who might fit the bill from within the NFC East.

Top of my head, I thought of Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. (We can't vote for anyone who's been a head coach, but we've decided that Fewell's stint as an interim head coach in Buffalo in 2009 doesn't disqualify him from the list.)

I also have a couple of guys with NFC East connections who aren't in the division anymore, including Patriots defensive line coach Pepper Johnson and Raiders defensive line coach Mike Waufle, formerly of the Giants.

But this is a tricky and subjective thing, of course, since I'm not in a position to hire a coach. So I'm wondering who, on the coaching staff of your favorite team, has impressed you as someone who might have what it takes to move up to the big role in the future, near or distant. Fire away with your thoughts.