Redskins workouts are awesome

Every day, I read something I love about what the Redskins are doing at their player-organized workouts. Today, it's been more than one thing.

I loved this story about London Fletcher inviting one of the fans who showed up (with equipment, this guy showed up!) to go through some drills with the defensive backs. Fletcher and Lorenzo Alexander appear to have been the leadership stars of the offseason for the Skins, as they've been the ones organizing the workouts and Fletcher was even calling plays during some of the defensive drills this week.

But the vibe is rubbing off even on the youngsters, and I also loved this story about first-round pick Ryan Kerrigan picking Brian Orakpo's brain about the transition from a 4-3 defensive end to a 3-4 outside linebacker. I remember talking to Orakpo at Redskins training camp last summer, and he was supremely fired up about the team's decision to go to a 3-4 because he believed it would maximize his ability to terrorize quarterbacks. (Seriously, there was a mildly terrifying look in the man's eye as he talked about the freedom he was now going to have to wreak havoc in backfields. Ever meet Orakpo? He's a very personable young man, but he makes quite the intimidating appearance.)

Anyway, Kerrigan is absolutely smart to buddy up to Orakpo here, and the Redskins should be encouraged by the facts that (a) he's done so without being prodded and (b) Orakpo has apparently been so happy to help. I don't know whether this whole setup has something to do with organizational pride about the way past Redskins teams weathered work stoppages by sticking together and became Super Bowl champions in those seasons. I don't know that it'll matter one bit. But it says a lot about the kind of leaders the team has that these workouts have been so well attended and so positive.

And while I'm not of the opinion that Trent Williams should be taking as much heat as he's taking for not having been there yet, I will say this: If I were Williams, and I was reading all this cool stuff about the workouts my teammates were having, I'd be eager to get myself there to see what all the fuss is about.