Reaction to McCoy's tweet: 'Nonsense'

We've maybe been a little heavy on LeSean McCoy content here lately, but (a) we like McCoy, (b) it's a lockout and (c) he hasn't been shy about helping us drum up content. His Thursday tweet about Osi Umenyiora, in which he called Osi "overrated n soft" and the third-best defensive lineman on the Giants has, justifiably, raised eyebrows around the league.

On "SportsCenter" this morning, Herm Edwards and Marcellus Wiley shared their thoughts.

Edwards: "Know your role, do your job. He's a running back, not a scout."

I think this is an underrated part of this whole thing. Regardless of McCoy's intent to needle, is his assessment accurate? I'm sure Justin Tuck is the best defensive lineman on the Giants, but I'm having a hard time coming up with another I think is better than Umenyiora. Does McCoy think that much of Barry Cofield? Mathias Kiwanuka? Jason Pierre-Paul? I'm taking Osi over any of them. Of course, I don't compete against them as McCoy does.

Which brings me to Wiley's take: "This is some nonsense, right there. He didn't think this one through."

Wiley, a former defensive lineman, smiled as he imagined himself in Umenyiora's cleats the next time he had to get up after helping tackle McCoy. He said, instead of pushing himself up from the ground, he might find "a couple of body parts" of McCoy's to us to help himself up.

I expect this to be brought up again in the future. Maybe even on this blog. I don't feel as if I'm going way out on a limb with that prediction, either.