Breakfast links: Steve Smith unplugged

Wow. Good morning everybody. Sorry if I'm a little out of it today. I was waiting up all night in the comments from Monday's Snee post for teamdirtstar to get back to me on that Eagles draft thing. Still waiting, but at least now, while I wait, I can link ...

Dallas Cowboys

In a radio interview, DeMarco Murray said he's looking forward to helping return kicks. He also spoke about his time at Oklahoma playing behind Adrian Peterson and said he's trying to put on 5 to 8 pounds. I have some tips for him on that last one if he wants.

Roy Williams believes the lockout has been a good thing, in a way, for veteran players, because it's given some of them critical time to heal from injuries. But he fears it's costing the Cowboys the time they need "to jell as a team."

New York Giants

If people keep raving about this Tiki Barber interview on HBO tonight, I may actually end up watching it. Nah, just kidding. But for those of you who still consider Tiki worth your time, Peter King says he might end up in Pittsburgh.

Steve Smith posted a video on his Facebook page. Not a lot of scintillating new information or anything, but if you're a Steve Smith fan and you want to watch and listen to him for about three minutes on a couple of different topics, here you go.

Philadelphia Eagles

Todd Herremans, like teammate DeSean Jackson, is working to help kids deal with bullying.

And at the other end of the use-of-lockout-idle-time spectrum, Akeem Jordan has been arrested and charged with assault in Virginia.

Washington Redskins

This was a worthwhile look at five Redskins who could come up with breakout performances in 2011, and unless Washington gets a CB in free agency, sure, Kevin Barnes will have an opportunity. But as Redskins.com continues to insist that the current NFL climate doesn't prohibit rookie receivers like Leonard Hankerson from making an impact without an adjustment period, I continue to counter with the dismal presumption that the Redskins' QB situation probably will.

Speaking of that QB situation, John Beck recently told The Washington Post there was no bad blood between him and Rex Grossman even though each has been vocal about his desire to win the starting QB job in Washington.

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