Breakfast links: Cooley wants Plax in D.C.

It's the last day of school in our town, and I have a first-grader (soon to be second-grader, as he would point out) absolutely bouncing off the walls in here. It's funny to recall what an awesome day this was when you were a kid, even as you cope with how frightening a day it is now that you're a parent. So many questions. How is he this old already? What will we do to keep him busy all summer? Don't we really need to be saving more for college? What does he think about what's going on with the teams in the NFC East?

Fortunately, to help with that last part, we can offer links.

Dallas Cowboys

Apparently, new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan made an impression on the Cowboys' defensive players during the brief pre-lockout time he had to talk to them about the new defense. "It's crazy," linebacker Victor Butler said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "You've got d-linemen lining up at the free safety spot. I'd love to see Jay Ratliff line up where Alan Ball is. It sounds crazy but when you get out there and run it it makes a lot of sense. I am super excited. I was hoping for [organized team activities]. That's how excited I was. Nobody hopes for OTAs. But I was hoping for OTAs so we can get in this defense and run this defense." Personally, I don't expect to see Ratliff in pass coverage. But there are worse things for the Cowboys' defense than to be energized after flatlining last year.

Gerald Sensabaugh told NFL.com's Vic Carucci that he's looking forward to testing the market. He said he gave the Cowboys "every opportunity" to re-sign him before the lockout and is "open" to returning but wants to know what his other options are. My guess? With the options that are going to be out there at the safety position, I don't see the Cowboys spending big to keep Sensabaugh. I think they'd like to have him back, but if he's going to have a bunch of other teams bidding on him, I imagine Dallas looks elsewhere.

New York Giants

I have said many times, and will continue to say, that I do not care about Tiki Barber. He is neither a big star nor a relevant player anymore. He's an arrogant, unrepentant scumbag who cares about no one and nothing but himself. He's an obvious phony whose words mean nothing and deserve to be ignored. And yet, some people still care. And Giants links are tough to find these days. So here: He had a fight with a similarly arrogant radio host. Big whoop.

NFL.com's Bucky Brooks thinks the Giants should refuse to give in to Osi Umenyiora's demands. Bucky, I'm pretty sure that's the plan.

Philadelphia Eagles

Attendance is up this year at Michael Vick's football camp in Virginia. Vick's a bigger star than he's ever been in his life, and he's doing a lot of positive things with the platform that stardom has given him.

The Eagles' team web site takes a look at rookie safety Jaiquawn Jarrett and where he fits into the 2011 puzzle. The likely departure of Quintin Mikell surely creates the potential for opportunity, but the Eagles have said they'll be active in the free-agent market, and there are some good safeties available.

Washington Redskins

Chris Cooley would like the Redskins to sign Plaxico Burress. He told Steve Wyche on a podcast, "I'm sure we'll try to sign Santana Moss back, but we need a big-time receiver." Ha! Hope Santana's not insulted, Chris! Plus, I'm just not sure Plax is going to just walk out of prison and qualify as a "big-time receiver." I think he needs to go to a situation where he can fill a very specific, small role and not have much expected of him, at least not right away. Not sure that's the situation he'd find himself in if he were to go to Washington.

Wondering what was going to happen to all those seats they're taking out of the upper deck of FedEx Field to make room for their new "party deck?" Well, if you want, you can buy them. $250 a pair. Don't all rush down there at once, now.

I'm glad you guys (a) suggested and (b) enjoyed the first day of the position-by-position rundown of the potential free-agent crop and potential fits in the NFC East. We're going to do at least two more positions today and keep this thing running until we do them all. That and a look at the Giants' losing streak against the Eagles from the perspective of a Giants player, all right here today on the NFC East blog.