Shawn Andrews makes the 'Twindex'

We all have different ways of passing time during the lockout. I have been teaching my seven-year-old son how to play poker. Paul Kuharsky, of the AFC South blog, follows something close to 1,000 NFL players on Twitter and writes about it. I'd ask that you don't judge either of us, please.

Kuharsky's latest "Twindex," which is his bi-monthly (I think) list of the NFL's top tweeters, ranks the Giants' Shawn Andrews (@IMShawnAndrews) fourth. Those who follow Andrews know that he's... um... prolific. I have to confess, sometimes I have to stop following him because I'll go on Tweet Deck and the timeline looks as if he's the only one in it. But his recent work caught Paul's attention:

For all the bad travel stories, he provided a funny account of getting to and spending time in Turks & Caicos. "Well there is a Big dude & I mean Big dude seated next to me!! For this trip FC doesn't mean First Class! Try F.at C.lass" "Im always nervous about my luggage when Traveling abroad!!! I know they dont have a Big & Tall Casual male Store where I'm headed!!" He also said he tells everyone his passport photo is so bad because of a dare.

Good for Shawn. Goodness knows, he worked hard enough for this honor. I wonder what he'll do to celebrate, but I have no doubt he'll keep us posted.