Chat wrap: Is Barry Cofield a goner?

We chatted. As predicted, it was epic. I can't even imagine how brilliant these chats are going to be once the lockout ends. We may need to order in extra containers for all of the excess awesomeness. Meantime, here's a little recap of some of today's highlights:

Barry Cofield of the New York Giants checked in and asked: "Dan, am I being unreasonable to be asking for the type of contract that Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard are getting? I know we all play the same position, but I think Reese feels that my stats are better because I only have a guard to worry about, whereas Chris or Rocky takes on a guard & center most of the time."

Dan Graziano: I don't think you're being unreasonable, and I think some team will give you the contract you're looking for. But I don't think it'll be the Giants, who seem to have pegged your value somewhat lower than you have and made some plans to move on.

Joe from New Jersey asked which tandem would have more sacks this season: Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan in Washington or DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer in Dallas?

DG: Ware/Spencer, though I like the question. I'll take the Cowboys' duo on the chance that Rob Ryan coaches something out of Spencer and Kerrigan needs a little bit of time to adjust to the LB spot.

Generic Eagles Fan from Philly wrote: "Does anyone else realize that our team will always be the same under Andy Reid? Somewhere between 9 and 11 wins, maybe a first round victory, then a second round loss because of some fundamental flaw...like QB who chokes or lack of secondary. Are there any moves the Eagles make in the offseason that take them past upper middle class?"

DG: First, I think a lot of teams would sign up for the between-9-and-11-wins-every-year deal. But the problem the past two years is that the defense has crumbled late. And as simple as it sounds, they need to add personnel. If they get a stud CB and make a tweak or two at LB and D-line, they can make a deep playoff run. Their offense is certainly good enough. It's defense that has sunk them at the end of the past two seasons.

Jonathan from NYC wondered why the Redskins would pursue free-agent defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin rather than try 376-pound Anthony Bryant, who has 60 pounds on Franklin, at the nose tackle spot.

DG: I guess it depends what they want, and how sold they are on Bryant as an every-down starter. Franklin has interior D-line experience and versatility. But yeah, if they like Bryant enough they could beef up at the ends, add a CB and maybe an ILB and go with him. Your logic is sound.

And Diran from New York asked why I thought the Cowboys should commit to the run when they have Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and all those fun passing-game weapons.

DG: Well, because their backs are also very good. And when you commit to the run, you have a better chance to control the game. It's more reliable. Assuming you really do commit to it.

Seriously, think about stopping by next week. We take questions from everyone -- from Generic Eagles Fan to Barry Cofield himself! Who else's chats get that kind of range?