Jason Witten, Cowboys can't wait

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten appeared on NFL Live this week and had some very excited things to say about the job Jason Garrett did as head coach over the final eight games of the 2010 season.

"He really changed the way we played, the way we practiced and our approach to the game," Witten said.

Witten also spoke highly of the job Tony Romo has done organizing offseason workouts during the lockout, and said he thought the time away from the game last season due to injury would help Romo going forward.

I'm interested to see how the new-coach factor works for Garrett because, well, he's not a new coach. He was the head coach for the second half of last season and has been there as offensive coordinator for four years. But if the players are excited about the idea of a full year under Garrett and are buying into his approach to practices and the game, there could actually be some carryover from the 5-3 finish that followed the 1-7 start that got Wade Phillips fired.

Personally, I think it's going to have more to do with new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, the new defensive personnel the Cowboys bring in and how much better they are at hitting and tackling offensive players on opposing teams than they were in 2010. But who knows? If there are good vibes coming from guys on the current roster about the new guy in the head coach's chair, it might even help lure a free agent or two.