Breakfast links: The ring's the thing

My wife and I were living together when it came time to propose, so I was able to hand her the ring instead of having to mail it to her. As we discussed Wednesday, not everyone is so fortunate.

We do all, however, have the links. They're going to go in backwards alphabetical order today because that's just the way I feel.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones of The Washington Post says there's "mutual interest" between the Redskins and free-agent defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins. This would be a nice pickup for Washington. Jenkins' versatility would be an asset in Jim Haslett's complex 3-4, where roles can change from play to play. And playing Jenkins at one of the defensive end spots would augment the pass rush from that side and potentially allow them to bring in a nose tackle whose job is to eat up blockers rather than penetrate.

And Rick Maese somehow managed to get Joe Theismann talking. (I kid, I kid.) Theismann says the Redskins are "pretty much set at the quarterback position," which is good enough for me.

Philadelphia Eagles

Len Pasquarelli thinks a first-round draft pick is too steep a price for Kevin Kolb. He's almost certainly right, unless Kolb is going to step in and be a reliable starting NFL quarterback for the next half-decade. If you're sure he's that, then it's not a bad price. The issue, of course, is that there's no way any team can be sure of that.

Sheil Kapadia broke it down and came to the conclusion that the Eagles have more defensive needs than just cornerback. I'm not sure who said they didn't, but what jumps out here is the 11 touchdowns allowed to tight ends. Sheil concludes that that number means linebacker needs to be a priority. We spoke about this Wednesday a bit.

New York Giants

Giants 101 thinks too many Giants were left off the NFL Network's top 100 list, and wonders if Tom Coughlin might be able to use that as motivation in the locker room this year. I'm not sure that's the kind of thing that plays in the Giants' locker room, but it's worth a shot. It's a player-voted list. If you think you should have been on it and you want to take it out on the guys who did the voting, maybe that works. Hard to imagine that's the kind of thing that drives Eli Manning, though.

Receiver Michael Clayton hopes to be in the Giants' plans this year once the lockout ends. I think he's going to need an injury to someone else to get his wish, but you never know.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys used their second-round pick on a guy with a torn ACL, but they knew that, and Bruce Carter now says his knee is at 85 percent and that he'd be "a game-time decision" if there were a game this week. As you may have heard, there is not.

And finally, because there's no good reason to let this go, Jean-Jacques Taylor makes a good point about the Roy Williams engagement-ring fiasco. Whatever happened to the two months' salary rule? Williams makes $9 million and he spent $76K on the ring? Child, please.

Enjoy your Thursday. I'll do my best to help.