Breakfast links: Kerry Collins calls it quits

Kerry Collins announced his retirement Thursday after 16 NFL seasons, and that matters to the NFC East blog because of the somewhat significant place he occupies in the history of the New York Giants.

No, as Mike Garafolo points out, he's not Phil Simms or Eli Manning, each of whom became a bigger star in the league's biggest market and delivered a Super Bowl title. But Collins did throw for 16,875 yards and 81 touchdowns in five years as the Giants' quarterback, and he did lead them to a Super Bowl, even though they lost it to the Baltimore Ravens. Mike's story paints the picture of Collins as a guy who rescued the Giants' quarterback position after a run that featured such luminaries as Dave Brown, Kent Graham, Tommy Maddox and Danny Kanell.

"We don't get to the Super Bowl without him," former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi told The Star-Ledger. "He raised the level of quarterback for us."

Collins isn't going to the Hall of Fame, but he had a better than respectable NFL career and gave Giants fans some unforgettable moments along the way. Hopefully his retirement announcement offered a chance to look back on those fondly.

More Giants

The Giants still don't know if the lockout will be settled in time for them to hold their training camp at the University of Albany as they always do. But if not, things are fixing to get ugly in the state capital.

Dallas Cowboys

Everson Walls had some pretty harsh words about Tony Romo, basically questioning whether Romo was the right quarterback for the Cowboys because he used to date Jessica Simpson or something like that. I love when these old guys just randomly spout inane stuff they would have killed somebody for saying about them when they played. People grow up, Everson. They mature and they learn their lessons. Holding stuff from 2007 against Romo is ... well, it's the kind of thing angry fans do. Somebody who played the game should be a little more forgiving and understanding.

Oh, and it looks as if Roy Williams got his ring back. I know you guys were all very concerned.

Philadelphia Eagles

Plaxico Burress was tweeting about the Eagles, and his apparent eagerness to sign with them. JasonB from Bleeding Green Nation suggests that Burress was joking, but I don't think he was. I think there's a real good chance the reports about Eagles' interest in Burress came from Burress' camp. I think Philadelphia would be a perfect spot for him to land for a variety of reasons. And I think he's probably really, really, really hoping they call. Whether the interest is mutual remains the question.

Les Bowen has a story about the guy who'll be in charge of organizing everything and rapidly setting up Eagles training camp if and when the lockout ends.

Washington Redskins

Tim McManus says the Eagles probably aren't going to be able to get Albert Haynesworth because the Redskins aren't going to give him his wish and cut him. I agree. I believe the Redskins think they can get something for Haynesworth in a trade. I believe they are correct and will succeed. And I believe that, no matter what the Eagles can offer, there's no chance in this world the Redskins would trade him to Philadelphia, reunite him with former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn and allow themselves to be knocked around by him twice a year.

And Mike Jones of the Washington Post wonders if more guys than just one will have trouble handling the shuttle runs and passing the conditioning test when training camp finally does start this season.

It's Friday, people, so let's have some fun out there.