Breakfast links: Warner is pro-Romo

Morning, all. Another week dawns and still no free agency to break down. We'll get there. Of this I am sure. In the meantime, we always have our links.

Dallas Cowboys

Kurt Warner, who took two different teams to the Super Bowl and won one, was asked in an NFL Network interview if he thought this was a "make-or-break" year for Tony Romo in Dallas. Warner answered as though the question was foolish (which it is), asked who else Cowboys fans would rather have in Romo's place and said Romo is "safe in Dallas for a long time to come." That's called perspective, folks.

Calvin Watkins believes the Cowboys will and should keep Roy Williams around at least one more year as "an insurance policy" at wide receiver, especially given Dez Bryant's youth and status as a still-unknown quantity and the cap hit they'd take by cutting Williams. Seems to me he's a pretty good No. 3 receiver, even if the Cowboys obviously paid much more than that to get him.

New York Giants

Albany is upset that the Giants aren't going there for training camp this year, and Mark McGuire wonders if they'll ever come back. He fears "the power of inertia" and correctly points out the advantages the Giants will find in holding training camp at their home facility this year: "Better facilities (three grass fields, a turf field outdoors and a full-sized indoor field), less of a hassle, and certainly fewer logistical concerns that come with moving your base of operations 150 miles north for three or so weeks. In a word, easier." I'd say Mark's fears are well founded.

Giants.com takes a look at James Brewer, the project offensive lineman the Giants drafted in the fourth round. The analysis makes it clear, more than once, that the Giants in no way expect Brewer to play for them this year. They believe he has talent, though, and that he and Will Beatty are the tackle tandem of the Giants' future.

Philadelphia Eagles

Plaxico Burress said in a recent interview that playing for the Eagles "would be a dream come true." He's working it hard, no doubt. He also mentioned the Jets and the Texans in the same interview, but he's been pretty clear since his release that his first choice is Philadelphia. Remains to be seen if the feeling is mutual.

And in case you weren't reading the blog on a Sunday, I did address the DeSean Jackson stuff here. Lots of people commented. Many, it would seem, did so without having actually read what I wrote, which happens. But I wanted to let our regulars know it was there in case you were busy with yard work or whatever Sunday and didn't know about the piece. I still think it's good that Jackson is speaking at schools about bullying, as he did again Saturday in Santa Monica. I just think it's a shame that he chose to so publicly use the same kind of language bullies use against their victims and failed to make the connection.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones looks at the Redskins' running back situation and wonders if what they have is enough or if they need to go get a veteran to add to the mix. I think they will, but I think they'll look for a guy who can serve more as a backup and mentor than a No. 1-type back who'd take carries away from Ryan Torain and Roy Helu. Somebody asked about Brian Westbrook recently, and that might make sense here.

Oh, and according to this recent and hilarious item on Mike Shanahan, he loves Donovan McNabb. Says McNabb is one of the best guys to be around. So that's good to know. What I get out of this is that Shanahan would love to keep McNabb around in Washington to hang out with him and have dinner every now and then, but not to play quarterback for him.

That'll do it for today's edition of "Breakfast links." You know I'll be back with much more later on. See ya.