Breakfast links: Giants linebacker talk

Excellent morning to you all. Busy Tuesday planned, what with the regular weekly chat scheduled and some work still to do for later in the week on the "Dream Team of Tomorrow," so let's get right on with the links:

Dallas Cowboys

The St. Louis Rams on Monday became the latest team to cancel their out-of-town training camp because of how long the lockout has dragged on. Matt Mosley says the Cowboys could be next, as they're getting close to the time by which they have to decide on whether to pull the plug on San Antonio. At this point, with the best-case scenario for the end of the lockout looking like sometime late next week, you have to wonder if anybody's going to hold training camp away from home. As you know from reading the blog, I don't think it matters at all. But I guess we'll see.

Blogging the Boys ponders John Phillips, and whether he can emerge as the kind of do-it-all fullback Daryl Johnston was for the glory years teams. This leads to an interesting question about Martellus Bennett's continued usefulness, though I imagine the fact that Bennett caught a career-high 33 passes last year, as BTB points out, indicates more multiple-tight-end sets (and perhaps less need for a fullback) to come. It is the trend, after all, in a copycat league.

New York Giants

Linebacker talk! Paul Posluszny said in a recent radio interview that he prefers to stay with the Buffalo Bills (perhaps a story unto itself), but that he enjoyed the time he spent with Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell while Fewell filled that same role (and, for a brief time, that of head coach) in Buffalo and that the Giants are an interesting potential destination for him as he becomes a free agent. Remains to be seen, of course, whether he's on the Giants' wish list. Remains to be seen whether the always-stubborn Giants actually do anything at linebacker this year. But his name's been mentioned more than once in connection with the Giants, and he bears watching.

And Giants.com takes a look at sixth-round pick Greg Jones, the linebacker out of Michigan State. Michael Eisen writes that most expect Jones to begin as a special-teamer but that the college overachiever "likely hopes to get a shot to unseat Jonathan Goff as the Giants' starting middle linebacker." Hey, you never know, right?

Philadelphia Eagles

Brandon Graham's knee appears healthier than Tiger Woods' knee, since he can apparently play golf on it. But while Graham says the knee is coming along, he's not going to be ready to start the season, which is one of the reasons you keep hearing the Eagles connected with potential free-agent pass-rushers.

DeSean Jackson said in this radio interview that he and Plaxico Burress would be "a dangerous combination" if the former Giants wideout were to sign with the Eagles. But Jackson, like all of us, doesn't know how likely that is to happen. The Eagles would be good for Burress, there's no doubt. The question is whether they believe he'd be good for them.

Washington Redskins

Hey, if we can spend a week speculating on who'll make the Pro Bowl in 2014-16, why can't Redskins.com talk about who'll make it this year? Looking at potential candidates who've never made it before, they highlight Lorenzo Alexander, Anthony Armstrong, O.J. Atogwe, LaRon Landry and return man Brandon Banks. One quibble: Isn't Alexander about to lose his job to the team's first-round pick?

Mike Jones takes a look at the final six picks the Redskins made in the draft and sizes up each one's chances of contributing this year. Of the group, sixth-round receiver Aldrick Robinson and seventh-round guard Maurice Hurt may have the best chances to see playing time in 2011, since those positions are positions of opportunity on the Redskins' roster. Though I did chuckle at Mike's characterization of Hurt as "rather fleshy" during the player-led workouts. Hey, we all let ourselves go a little in the offseason, don't we?

Breakfast time. More later. Be excellent to each other.