Chat wrap: Jackson's future in Philly

As we do every Tuesday, we had our chat. As it is every Tuesday, it was life-altering brilliant. If you missed it ... I don't even know why I bother trying to help you anymore. Guess that's just the kind of guy I am. Here are some of the highlights:

MattC from Dallas asked if I saw Jeremy Maclin eventually outproducing "the streaky DeSean Jackson" in Philadelphia.

Dan Graziano: "Yes. I also see Jackson's contract situation being a big issue in Philly, and I think there's a chance he's not around there long-term."

So then Mr. W from Dallas, who "sadly" agreed (what's with all the Eagles fans in Dallas?), asked what the Eagles would do to ease the loss of Jackson if he were to leave.

DG: "Well, Maclin will do that. I think he's going to be a star. So they'll have to find a No. 2 to replace Jackson if he leaves, not a No. 1. Much easier."

And then Ben from Philly wanted me to explain why I thought Jackson would leave when it's obvious to Ben that the Eagles would be nuts not to just give him what he wants and make sure to keep him because he's "an absolute game changer."

DG: "I'm not saying they WILL let him go. I'm saying the contract situation is going to be an issue, and that means there's the possibility that he leaves. I know they drafted Maclin thinking he had the ability to be a WR1, and I think he's shown that he does. So they feel like they have leverage on Jackson in negotiations, and if he's determined to get top dollar (and another team offers it), I don't think they'll be scared to let him walk.

So hopefully that cleared all that up. People asked non-Eagles questions, too.

Steve from Bristol asked, since it takes two years to really transition from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4, whether the lockout will set the Redskins back in year two of that transition.

DG: "Great question, Steve. I know for a fact Haslett was expecting this to be a critical off-season for the transition. I do think it'll take longer for the Redskins, because of the lockout and because they're still finding the right personnel for the 3-4. Too many guys they used last year were bad fits, and they're still putting it all together. The guys who played in it last year and are coming back should have better years, though, I think."

Andy from Florida asked what the Giants will do with Osi Umenyiora and Barry Cofield.

DG: I think they'll say good-bye to Cofield and tell Osi to play for his contract or go home. I do not think they plan to give Osi a new deal or grant him his wish to be traded. They will call his bluff, is my bet.

BClark from Philly asked, if the Cowboys signed Doug Free and Nnamdi Asomugha, and if Mike Jenkins and Anthony Spencer "progressed instead of regressed like last year," would Dallas have the best defense in the division?

DG: "No, because (a) Free doesn't play defense, so how would that help? (b) what about safety? and (c) what about defensive end? Cowboys have lots of work to do on defense yet."

Lots more. We went more than an hour today. Click that link above. Seriously, do it. I don't care how much work you have to get done. Your boss will survive. This is football!