Breakfast links with Deion and Dez

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him link. I can, though.

Dallas Cowboys

I was going to post on all this Deion Sanders-Dez Bryant stuff Tuesday, but it felt like a radio interview Deion had given last week and to which I'd already linked. Maybe I was wrong, though, and Deion is saying this same kind of stuff about Bryant again. Calvin Watkins thinks Deion needs to get off the kid's back, and I wonder what Bryant did to Deion to change him from a guy trying to help him out to a guy seemingly determined to tear him down. Must have been pretty bad.

I know how you guys love your Tony Romo golf updates, so here you go. Tony's a co-favorite, along with former major league pitcher Rick Rhoden, to win this weekend's American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. If I were a player and I were tweeting about this, I'd end it with #pleaseendthelockout.

New York Giants

Jeez, it's tough to find Giants links. I'm going with this from Giants.com on sixth-round safety Tyler Sash, whose chances of cracking the Giants' very deep secondary are slightly better than yours are but whose rookie contribution should come on special teams. A couple of people have asked why we haven't listed "special teams" among the Giants' needs for the coming season. My answer is this: If you had the special-teams season the Giants had, and the guys you just drafted don't help fix the problem, you didn't have a very good draft.

Antrel Rolle says he's been hearing since March that the end of the lockout was a week or two away. My question: Who are this guy's sources? I don't remember anybody even hinting at that in March. Anyway, Rolle says the sky's the limit for the Giants this season, which is fine, to like your team's chances before the rosters are set. Again, Giants links are scarce. These are some quotes from Rolle. Enjoy them.

Philadelphia Eagles

Over at the AFC North blog, James Walker thinks Quintin Mikell could be a target of the Cleveland Browns in free agency. James cites connections with folks such as Dick Jauron and Tom Heckert, who know Mikell from his Philly days, and seems to think Mikell is the kind of solid all-around contributor who'd fit what the Browns are looking for at the position. A couple of other names on here that have come up in some of our safety discussions as well.

Grantland.com's Bill Barnwell did a list of the 25 Least Valuable Players in the NFL, which is a delightfully cranky idea he carried off quite well. The only NFC East player on the list was Eagles cornerback Dmitri Patterson, of whom Barnwell writes, "Patterson was a last resort at cornerback forced into action by injuries; teams avoided Asante Samuel and spent the second half throwing at the guy who the Philadelphia Inquirer politely noted ' … is better suited to special teams.'"

Washington Redskins

Our man in Chicago, Michael Wright, ponders whether Albert Haynesworth would be a good fit with the Bears. Michael believes he would, and I agree. Big Al in a 4-3, away from Mike Shanahan and motivated to play for a contender, is going to be a dangerous dude. Because of that, I also agree with Michael that Shanahan will demand a lot in return for Big Al, and it'll be interesting to see who's willing to pay the price. I've heard some recent speculation about Denver and St. Louis for Al as well. Still say no chance the Eagles can get him, even though that's the best and most obvious fit.

And sticking with the Redskins/Bears theme for some reason, the Chicago Tribune reports that Devin Hester wants the Bears to sign Santana Moss. I think we've all been expecting Moss to sign back with Washington, but if he were to leave, it would create a tough situation for the Skins. It will be tough for them to lure veteran free-agent receivers given their unstable quarterback situation. They'd likely have to overpay to get someone line Braylon Edwards to replace Moss, which would leave them short in their pursuit of other free agents, and could end up having to just let their young guys develop without Moss' guidance.

Hump Day, they call this. We can all get over it together.