Giants DT Marvin Austin is ticked off

This is a college football story, really, but it's here because (a) I love college football and (b) Marvin Austin, the story's central character, was the second-round pick of the New York Giants in April's draft. If you're following the Giants, and in particular Austin, this fall, get ready to hear a decent amount about the problems with the University of North Carolina's football program.

Austin got very upset Wednesday when a Durham (N.C.) county court ruled against his former teammate, Michael McAdoo, in McAdoo's efforts to overturn his permanent suspension from the NCAA. Austin was a central figure in the improper benefits scandal involving North Carolina last season, and just because he's out of school doesn't mean he no longer feels he has a stake in it. Here are some of the things Austin (@anchormanaustin) wrote on Twitter in the wake of Wednesday's ruling against McAdoo. (The spelling and syntax errors are Marvin's.):

"I'm so heated right now...justice will provail..even if I have to spill the beans"

"Twitter I'm not bitter I just don't like the way my friend, teammate,brother was mislead,misued, and ostrisized from the program for the

"Same reasons that others got suspened and are able to play for because I know exactly the details in each case and its noway that this young

"Man should have his dream snatched from him like the #ncaa has done.I can tell you so many stories that would be mind boggling in comparison."

"Trust me I know....I love my school..I chose to come here when nobody thought it was smart to do..but I just wish the administration stood

"And stop the cowardly acts when the are in front of the ncaa just tell them what you told us...don't turn and twist your story to look

"Appealing to the Ncaa and presure the 21 year old athlete to say and do things that aren't in there best interest...its so much that's not

"Said it stings when I think about it Unc true fans understand how we as players love this place it tatted in blood for most guys on the team."

He could, obviously, just be talking off the top of his head out of anger. But can you imagine if Austin really decided he was going to go public and "spill the beans" about everything that happened with him and the program at North Carolina? It could be very damaging for the school, which decided it wouldn't even be worth fighting to protect Austin's eligibility once its own investigation began uncovering the violations involving him. Ugly stuff went on around that program last year, and it sounds like Austin knows a lot more about it than the rest of us do.