Video: Charles Haley and the Hall of Fame

There are few things I enjoy more on this blog than taking requests, and those who didn't see me on "First Take" this morning have asked for some video, because some of the commenters (whose wardrobes must all obviously be beyond reproach) didn't like the color of my tan summer suit. So here's a link to my discussion with Skip Bayless about how strange it is that former Cowboys defensive end Charles Haley is now in the College Football Hall of Fame but not the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

A quick point on the argument itself: Haley was a fourth-round draft pick out of James Madison. It's pretty unlikely that his college career was Hall of Fame-worthy. His pro career almost certainly got him into the College Football Hall of Fame, and it'll probably eventually land him in Canton. Skip thinks he should have been there on the first ballot. Mike Sando makes the point that that's a lot easier said than done, given the bizarre rules for election and the backlog that results.

But anyway, the suit is tan, not "mustard," and it's good to have such invested fans and followers. You guys are the best, I mean it. The best!!!!