NFC East salary cap talk

John Clayton's latest column is on potential salary-cap casualties -- guys who could be cut by teams that need to get under the new salary-cap number, which looks as if it will be $120 million. It also comes with a list of all NFL teams and where they are relative to that $120 million figure. Here's the breakdown on the four teams that matter to us:

Keep in mind that it looks as if each team will get a $3 million "exception" that will help them exceed the cap for one specific player if they feel they need to, and that teams are probably going to be required to spend at least 94 percent of the cap figure on player salaries.

As for the players on John's list, several are of potential interest to NFC East teams. To wit:

Reggie Bush: As John says, he'd likely prefer to test free agency than to restructure his deal. He's been connected to the Eagles, which is a dizzying possibility considering how numerous and electric the Eagles' current offensive options already are. Personally, I think a guy like Willis McGahee, who's further down on John's list, would make more sense as LeSean McCoy's backup if Jerome Harrison leaves. McCoy and Bush strike me as similar kinds of players.

Nick Barnett: The Packers will try to trade him, but if they're unsuccessful they'll likely cut him and set him free. There's been a rumbling or two about potential Giants interest, and they do need to beef up at linebacker. The Eagles will be looking for linebackers, too, if they don't re-sign Stewart Bradley.

Vince Young: Still think he makes a lot of sense as Michael Vick's backup in Philly if the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb.

Albert Haynesworth: Not much left to say here. I'll be surprised if he's cut and allowed to pick his next team. The Redskins are under the cap as it is.

Antwan Odom: Lots of thought that the Eagles are looking for a pass-rushing defensive end. Remember the first half of the 2009 season, when Odom was leading the league in sacks? Big health risk with the possibility of a big reward.

Shawn Andrews: Giants brought him in for offensive line depth, which they still kind of need. But the $7.333 million they could save by cutting him is likely to be more useful than Andrews himself.