Video: Michael Vick speaks

Got a clip here of a video interview Michael Vick did recently with ESPN. It's a quick one, part of a larger piece to come, but for you Eagles fans out there who want to hear from your quarterback, I figured it'd work as a nice little treat on a hot Friday afternoon.

"I believe I'm in Philadelphia for a reason," Vick says. "Life is great right now, compared to where I was two years ago. I'm 31 and I'm getting older in this game, and I take a different approach, a dedicated approach. That's the way I've been on it for the last year and a half, and it won't change."

Saying all the right things has been a big part of Vick's game since he got out of jail. Last year he backed it all up with a breathtaking performance on the field. Eagles fans, are you expecting a repeat performance? A letdown? Think defenses will figure him out this time around now that they've seen him again? Penny for your thoughts.